Photograph of Lou
Hi, I'm Lou, and for the last 20 years I have been indulging my passion for creating beautiful images that capture the amazing detail and characteristics of animals and nature.

With a gorgeous iguana
Me and my girlies
In Monkey Forest, Bali
I have been very fortunate to be able to travel to various places around the world and have had some incredible encounters with animals, including swimming with turtles, being climbed on by macaques, having orangutan hugs and stealthing my way up to seal pups.

Over the years I've had images published in a variety of magazines, newspapers and on greetings cards and have been successful in local and national competitions.
Photographing seals on the East Coast
Capturing the sunset at the Cow & Calf, Ilkley
Crossing the Bahorok River in Sumatra
With Sasa in Indonesia
For the last eight years I've also been lucky enough to be mum to my awesome daughters, Sekoyah and Aquila, and I have learnt more from them in that time than any time previously. They've taught me about myself and inspire me to enjoy life and be joyful wherever I can.

I feel very lucky to have had the privilege to meet and photograph so many furry, feathered and scaly creatures from around the world and look forward to more such opportunities in the future. 
Up close with an Argentine boa
Hanging around on Harbour Island
The Indian Ocean
Stealthy Lou
I'm forever grateful for all the support I've had along the way and the help I've had in capturing all the animals you'll see in the galleries section.
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